April 14


Social Networking Sites : A New Recruitment Tool for Human Resource

By Deepakshi Gandhi, Sheetal Chauhan DOWNLOAD


One Time Investment vs Syestamatic Transfer Plan: A Compartative Analaysis

By Dr. R. Narayanasamy, V. Rathnamani DOWNLOAD


An Overview on the Investors’ Perceptions towards Indian Capital Market

By Dr. R. Uma Devi DOWNLOAD


VALS™ Psychographic: A New Way of Market Segmentation in India

By Indranath GhoshDOWNLOAD


Supply Chain Challenges in India: An Empirical Insight

By Dr. Anindita Adhikary, Dr. Bedanta Bora DOWNLOAD


Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs): An Effective Alternative to Traditional Mutual Funds

By Swati Garg, Prerna SehgalDOWNLOAD


Commercial Poultry Enterprises in Kashmir Valley: A Value Chain Analysis

By Mohammad Mubasher Hassan, Dr. Khursheed Shah DOWNLOAD


Study on Buying Behavior of Indian Women and the Impact of Marketing Communication

By S. Lakshmi PriyaDOWNLOAD


Understanding Word of Mouth Communication:A Theoretical Review of Literature

By Burhanuddin Shaikh DOWNLOAD

The Performance and Trading Characteristics of Exchange Traded Funds in India: An Empirical Study

By Swati Garg DOWNLOAD


 – An Investor’s Investment in Gold: Physical Vs Paper

By Dr. M. Jayanthi, T. Poongothai, R. Preethi DOWNLOAD


– FDI in India

By Sanskriti Singh, Sophia Sharda DOWNLOAD


– On Cloud Management of Micro-Enterprises HR

By Du Chunyan, Li Kunze DOWNLOAD


Hitting Prices and Doubling Burdens: A Fact Sheet of Indian Scenario

By S. Sangeetha, R. Divya DOWNLOAD


– A Study on 3P’s Driving Customer’s Perception with Reference to Home Loan of Hdfc Ltd.

By Dr. M. Jayanthi, S. S. Ramya, V. Ramya DOWNLOAD


– Value Stream Mapping : A Lean Tool

 By Manjunath M., Dr. Shiva Prasad H. C., Keerthesh Kumar K. S., Deepa Puthran  DOWNLOAD


– Silver Investment in India: Trends and Analysis

By Dr. Vipin Kumar Aggarwal, Silky Jain DOWNLOAD


– Measuring Employer’s Sensitivity for Working Couples: An Empirical Research

By Gurvinder Kaur DOWNLOAD


– A Study of 5S Principles in Residential Practices as a Part of Indian Culture : An Empirical Study Conducted in Coimbatore and Bangalore

By Ganesh R., Balasaraswathy K. DOWNLOAD


– A Conceptual Model of Information Technology Enabled Convenient Services for the Life Insurance Sector

By Dr. Partha Sarathi Choudhuri DOWNLOAD


– Effects of Employee Engagement on Employee Retention in Micro-Finance Institutions

By Romano Salome, Musiega Douglas, Chege Kimani , Mutua Stephen DOWNLOAD


– Supervisors’ Rating of Strategies for Improving School-Industry Linkages in Vocational Education in Tertiary Institutions in Anambra State

By Okolocha Chimezie Comfort, Ibik Helen Ifeyinwa DOWNLOAD


– Influence of Supply Chain Management Practices on Operational Performance of Public Health Institutions: Case of Kisii Level Five Hospital, Kisii County, Kenya

By Jared Kenyanchui, Dr. Oloko Margaret, Dr. Walter Okibo DOWNLOAD


– Role of Knowledge Management in the Enhancement of Performance of Universities in Kenya: A Survey of Satellite Campuses in Western Kenya Region

By Dinnah Kemunto Mogire, Dr. Walter Bichanga Okibo, Tabitha Sewe DOWNLOAD


– A Study on Customer’s Awareness on Green Banking Initiatives in Selected Private Sector Banks with Special Reference to Coimbatore City

By K. Sudhalakshmi, Dr. K. M. Chinnadorai DOWNLOAD


– Effect of Leadership Behavior on Non-Profit Organization Trust and Organization Loyalty

By C. Y. Joy, SHEN (Ven. Dr. Zhi-Hsien) DOWNLOAD


– Organization Climate & Employee Creativity in Automobile Company in India

By Jaya Ahuja DOWNLOAD


– Innovative Competitiveness in Global Markets

By Dr. Amit Chakrapani DOWNLOAD


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